Photovoltaic Systems as Actuators of Regional Development


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ETFOS - University of Osijek Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Osijek

Osijek is the largest city in east of Croatia and a capital of Slavonija and Baranja region. Founded in 1975 with origins dated from 1707 with approximately 20000 students and 2000 staff members Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek is the key high educational and scientific institution in the region. It has 17 Faculties and Departments covering many fields of high education and research in math, phisycs, biology, chemistry, civil egnieering, machine egineering, agricultural engineering, food processing, electrical and computer engineering, economy, law, philosophy, culturology, theology, art and medicine. Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Osijek (ETFOS) was founded in 1978. During that period, the Faculty has developed into a respectable member of the University implementing study programmes in electrical engineering (power systems, automation, communications) and computer science (process computing, software and hardware enginnering) and related research at the highest level, equipped with modern lecture rooms and laboratories. Currently 2230 students (more than 60% of tstudents at technical studies) are studying at the Faculty, out of which 450 entering first year, with 105 post-graduate students, approximately 120 teachers of which 46 full-time profesors and lecturers, 45 research assisstants and about 30 teachers from other international and Croatian universities and companies. ETFOS has participated in number of international scientific projects including TEMPUS, Leonardo da Vinci, ITEA, IPA and bilateral cross-border projects, with overall budget of over 1.500.000 € with, particularly, reserach staff envolved in the project proposal being active on majority of them.

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