Photovoltaic Systems as Actuators of Regional Development


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On 26th of November 2013, as a part of the REG-PHOSYS project, whose holder is the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, a workshop was held in Selly, Hungary being attended by the members of the project team from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Osijek. The workshop was organized in cooperation with the Regional Committee for Renewable Energy of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Pécs. The goal of the workshop was to discuss and explore how energy production from photovoltaic systems can be effectively used in the Drava region.

Dr. Denis Pelin, associate professor and dr. Zvonimir Klaić, assistant professor presented technical information on laboratory measurements and measurements of the photovoltaic system during lectures.

Furthermore, dr. Damir Šljivac, full-professor by giving the presentation ''Photovoltaic systems from concept to implementation in Croatia'', inspired a debate about comparison of subsidizing the production of electricity from solar power in Croatia and Hungary. In addition, the presentation of a solar power plant with installed capacity of 499.8 kW was held in Sellye. It was organized by the city authorities and investors. The workshop’s closure was preceded by a discussion encouraged by Viktor Várju’s speech on ''Socio-economic conditions, investments in renewable energy“ which opened the question of the position of Drava region in Central Europe. Finally, visit to a solar power plant with installed capacity of 499.8 kW was organized within the workshop.

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