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Photovoltaic Systems as Actuators of Regional Development


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WORKSHOP - OSIJEK 27.03.2014

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On Thursday, 27th March 2014. Starting at 9:30 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Osijek the workshop organized for the purposes of the project Photovoltaic System as Actuators of Regional Development was held. The already conducted activities and respective achieved results of the project approved under the IPA CBC program Hungary-Croatia were presented on the workshop.

The project implementation started on 1st March 2013 and will have finished by 30th June 2014. The project aims to developing an optimal photovoltaic systems configuration for climate conditions of the cross-border area border areas climate conditions and explore the impact of the photovoltaic systems to the electric power system, the economy and the environment. The goal of the workshop was a tour to the newly-formed laboratory for renewable energy sources and an introductions to the measurement procedures to be used in predicting the production of solar power plants given the different technologies of photovoltaic panels.

The hosts, lecturers and participants of the workshop were representatives of the Faculty of the Electrical Engineering Osijek as the project leader and the Center for Regional Studies of the Hungary Academy of Science in Pecs as the partner of the project.

The workshop began with a welcome speech of the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Professor Drago Žagar, who welcomed regional representatives of the Centre for Research in Pecs.

Lecture on experience in setting up photovoltaic panels held a lecturer Daniel Marić MEng., from the firm Solar projects d.o.o.

A representative of the Center for Regional Studies in Pecs, Andrea Suvak gave a lecture on the importance of the production of electricity from photovoltaic systems and Viktor Várj (PhD) introduced everyone with the possible influence of photovoltaic systems on the local community and economy.

After that there was a short discussion on the topic of socio-economic impact of photovoltaic systems in the region.

After the break, in the second part of the workshop Mario Primorac,MEng held a lecture about measurement of u-i characteristics of procured photovoltaic panels for all the presents and associate professor Denis Pelin held a lecture about photovoltaic emulator.

 At the end of the workshop all participants make a tour to the Laboratory for Renewable Energy where Mario Primorac, MEng did a demonstration of the measurement with the equipment, and in  Laboratory for Power Electronics, associate professor Denis Pelin demonstrate the work of a photovoltaic emulators.

There was a discussion about planning of future activates and workshop ended in a pleasant atmosphere.

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